Yuma is located in southwestern Arizona and is the county seat of Yuma County. As of the 2010 census, Yuma had upwards of 93,000 inhabitants. It is located approximately 60 miles east of the Gulf of California at the convergence of the Colorado and Gila rivers.

Wild, Wild West

Prior to the 1860s, the Yuma area was inhabited only by the Cocopah and Quechan native American tribes. This particular spot was attractive due to its location on the Colorado River where it narrows to a mere 1,000 ft wide, one of the narrowest spots along the length of the river. This made it an ideal crossing for those chasing after the California Gold Rush throughout the 1800s. Known by different names at various points, Yuma was officially named an incorporated in 1873. From 1864, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot, today a state historic park, supplied all forts in present-day Arizona, as well as large parts of Colorado and New Mexico. After Arizona became a separate territory, Yuma became the county seat for Yuma County in 1871, replacing La Paz its first county seat.

Bring Your Sunscreen

Yuma is known to have some of the most varied and extreme weather in the United States. Of any populated place in the contiguous United States, Yuma is the driest, sunniest, and least humid, and has the lowest frequency of precipitation and the highest number of days per year with a daily maximum temperature of 90 degrees or higher. Yuma’s highest ever recorded temperature occurred in 1995 when it reached 124 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fun Facts About Yuma, Arizona

Today Yuma contains the historical Yuma Territorial Prison, the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, and a historic downtown area. There is also an air force station in Yuma, making the town a popular destination for stationed military and their families. Notable Yuma residents have included political activist Cesar Chavez, Olympic skater Ryan Bedford, and silent film era actor Charles Brinley.

What Sets Us Apart

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