Empathetic Domestic Violence Attorney Representing Yuma Families

domestic violenceBeing accused of committing domestic violence is no light matter. Beyond the emotional impact you are grappling with, you may also face professional repercussions that won’t be easy to shake off. If you are also involved in a divorce or child custody dispute, a domestic violence charge against you will certainly impact the outcomes of those matters as well.

Don’t wait to get help.

Domestic violence accusations are malicious and can result in severe legal consequences for defendants including:

  • Eviction
  • Heavy Fines & Legal Fees
  • Criminal Penalties or Jail Time for Violations of a Domestic Violence Order
  • Negative Alimony and Child Custody Effects

If you have been accused of a domestic violence crime, call our office immediately. Our extensive experience has positioned us to represent you aggressively and with a proven track record. Call us today to discuss the details of your case and begin the path toward absolution.

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