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Having represented Yuma County residents for more than 15 years, BLEICH LAW OFFICE, P.C. has a unique understanding of what constitutes a successful criminal defense. Whether you’ve been accused of committing domestic violence or are currently facing drug charges, Robert Bleich knows what it takes to help you secure the outcome you deserve.

BLEICH LAW OFFICE, P.C. also offers criminal defense services to Arizona clients accused of the following offenses:

  • Adult & Juvenile Crimes
  • Felonies & Misdemeanors
  • Border Patrol Checkpoint Arrests
  • Drug Offenses
  • Probation Violations

Woman handing man money for drugs

Knowledgeable Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

A drug conviction has the potential to upend your life and derail your future. From lengthy prison times to steep legal fees, there is nothing pleasant, nor simple, about attempting to extricate yourself from a serious drug-related accusation. Regardless of the details of your case, BLEICH LAW OFFICE, P.C. is here to assure that your rights and freedoms are protected.

Woman in corner fearing man with clenched fist

Compassionate Domestic Violence Representation

As is true with most family law matters, domestic violence cases are notoriously contentious. Though there are many instances in which the accused never laid a hand on the person alleging domestic violence, the court of public opinion can be extremely difficult to overcome. If you’ve been charged with committing domestic violence, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Let’s Get to Work

BLEICH LAW OFFICE, P.C. is dedicated to helping Yuma County residents obtain fair and just outcomes, regardless of their circumstances. For serious, compassionate legal representation, contact Yuma’s premier criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

For 15 years, BLEICH LAW OFFICE, P.C. has been offering experienced, aggressive legal counsel to Yuma residents struggling with family law and criminal defense matters. Call (928) 329-1991 now for more information.